October 06, 2013


Have you listen to Britney's new single titled Work Bitch? A very inspirational song I must say. Here is the snippet of the lyrics to that song:
You wanna live fancy, Live in a big a mansion, Party in France, You better work bitch..

Ya, i wanna talk about, work, work, work, peeps. Cuz I don't have any bitchy friends. Currently, I am working at Accenture based in Telekom Malaysia. TM is a GLC while Accenture not. Which means, there's no 9-5 terms exist at my workplace. My usual office hour is 9-9 or more.

I must admit, this kind of work is very tiring and exhausting. From time to time, there's some voices in my head desperately asking me to get another job. But till now, I am still here. The main reason I don't want to be here is ofcourse the working hour. It is continuing until I don't know when. In my contract ofcourse it states that my working hours should be the same as TM's, but there's always a term and condition in any contract, which in mine is "Office hours are Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5.30pm. Actual work hours may vary to support operational requirements." Yup, I copied exactly as stated in my contract. Anyway, that's the main bummer. The pay is kinda standard, for a MNC. I guess.

But, there are several things that keep pulling my butt to sit still in the office chair. The main thing is the field of work. Which is Programming stuff. Well, I have spent my whole 5 sweet years in University to study programming, I think I should not waste it by doing something that I don't like, right? Ya, I have a good passion in this field, which is kinda weird for a lady to be here, usually. But, anyway, I really enjoy my assignments, my tasks, my responsibilities here. 

Second of all is how the seniors and supervisors are taking me seriously. I mean, my work. Even for a very new joiner like me, I must say that they are really putting a big faith in me. I really, really feels that my works is appreciated by them and actually can make some different to the project's progress. The way they make me feels like I'm needed. I want that. I always want to feel that. And currently, they actually let me handle one big assignment for our project replacing my senior (she's been in Accenture for 3 years) who is on training. This is a very important period of my life.

I like it here because my learning curves is not a curve at all. It's like a straight 60 degress. Which means that the learning progress is rapidly increasing. We don't even have any class. The best way to learn for them is On-the-job training, which I must admit that it is really working for me. I like how I have learnt more and faster here than my 5 University's years.

The culture is good too. I think I have spent like 8 years back with my Malay only friends. Here I have widened my view into other race's culture. They make me sometimes think about where's the word racist comes from. I don't even have to speak English 24/7 with them, cakap melayu laju-laju pon some of them boleh faham. We Malays even teach them some Bahasa Melayu Pasar, but they always want to know the not-so-good word je, haha. Anyway, I just want to state that Accenture is so Malaysian.

I can always find another job, that pays me good, nearer to my house and has a short working hours. I actually got some good invitation to interviews but decline them all because of the above reasons. For me, a good pay is never equivalent to a good work experience. At least for now. I really want to do something that I love, not that something that I needed. That something that I need will eventually be there. It always gonna be like that. InshaAllah.