November 23, 2014


BAM! It's been 5 months since I last wrote here. Cuz my life was quite like that.

Well then, why I'm back? Got any change? No. Still wake up in the morning, go to work during the day, got back from work after the sun set, and sleep. More than I should, been working for 6 days per week. On that one off day, sleep till noon, wake up to get some food, watch some movies, play some games and sleep again. Same old, same old.

Been doing this over and over and over again since I became single, I guess. I sorta dedicated my life to work, and work only. I'm not depressed, nor lonely, I just already got used to it. I got more money to spend on myself and since everything can be purchased online and by using single card only, I just have to chill in my bedroom, all day on my free day. I think I'm already happy with that.

I got some thoughts these days. I wanna buy a house, near the city, near my workplace. Where I will live alone. I can go to work anytime I want. I can go to eat anywhere I want. I can play games whenever I want. I can watch movies back to back. I can sleep whole day where no one will bother. I can be alone. 

I don't have problem living with my parents tho. I love living with them. I just don't like when people ask too much. I don't like when people put their thoughts too much on me. I don't like busybody people. I don't like it when people ask me questions that I don't wanna answer. I don't like it when people got angry with me because they are upset with someone else. I don't like to deal with some other people's business. I don't like to clean other people's mess. I don't like to go home, tired, and angry. I have some anger management issue that I cannot control. I don't want people got affected by that. I just wanna be alone.

When I'm at work, I do my work. When it's time to go home, I ditch all that and go home. Go home with nothing on mind, and to just get some rest. Nothing to think, nothing to worry, nothing to take care of. I just want that. 

That's only the idea tho. My life currently is still pretty good.